My job interview process with A

I got a link for the online assessment with the company name starting with ‘A’

First, I decided to look into the existing sources to get an idea on how I should prepare for that.

Let’s start with this:

So the online question takes 90 minutes. There are two questions and I need to explain my approach.

  • Q1: Heap question, something similar to return minimum cost of joining ropes.
  • Q2: Similar to Shortest Path in to a node in a graph
  • Q3: Describe the my thinking process
My take on:
- Try Java programming to sort some elements using different data structures and algorithms
- Also, practice on writing my thoughts
- The person who got a job did 150 LC (I'm going to do 30 per day)

List of things to complete:
- Git commands
- Java specific knowledge
- My own javascript webpage

My plan:

  • Do the leet code problem (Algorithm) and write my findings on the blog
  • Practice my writing for describing my thoughts
  • Do Java programming questions
  • Do Java-specific problems
  • Do shell-scripting language
  • Do Javascript specific problems

Resources to use:

Testdom for Java:

Read about LP:

My own practice: Writing Java code and creating the Junit test

Learn from others’ failure:

From his post, it seems like I need to focus on doing it fast and think about the edge case later. Also since it’s a online coding process, I can prepare some code snippets that I can use right away.

Use your own editor: I think that is the best recommendation I got. I should be ready with my Java editor and Junit thing

Things to do:

My lit code: 4. Median of Two Sorted Arrays

Sat: Lit code 50 questions, Amazon preview test (
Sun: Lit code 50 questions (Timing required)
Monday: Lit code 50 questions
Tuesday: Prepare online sources and editor, do the Lit code
Wed: Do the question in the after noon
Things to brush up:
Sorting, Searching, Hashing, Tree Traversal, Graph Traversal, and Dynamic Programming algorithms. Get familiar with data structures like Linked Lists, HashMaps, Trees. 
Learn to Calculate Time / Memory Complexity
Work Log: 

Author: Yelim

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